Internet Project Announced in Barrington

Today, the Province of Nova Scotia and Develop Nova Scotia announced a series of major Internet projects which have been awarded as part of theInternet for Nova Scotia Initiative. The initiative, aimed to help connect more communities, homes and businesses to Internet across the province, was the result of a $193 million investment by the Provincial government in 2018.

For the past 18 months, The Municipality of Barrington has been working with the Western REN, the Municipalities of the Districts of Argyle, Clare, Digby and Yarmouth and various Internet service providers operating in Nova Scotia to identify the most underserved communities, and solutions that can evolve with changing technologies.

Due to this work and a financial investment of $200,000 by the Municipality, we areexcited to announce that 950 new homes and businesses between Charlesville through to Doctor’s Cove will soon have fibre-to-the-home Internet as part of this initiative.

Warden Eddie Nickerson explains that “improving rural Internet service is a priority and having a strong Internet network will help our Municipality build places where businesses and people prosper.”

Although this is welcomed news, the Municipality recognizes that its work is not yet over.There is ongoing work to improve Internet infrastructure on Cape Island and in Barrington Passage but there will still be areas in our Municipality, specifically the Villagedale/PortLa Tour/Baccaro areas, that will remain underserved. For that reason, the Municipality is committed to improving Internet in those areas and will continue to work with its partners to actively pursue other funding opportunities.

For more information on Develop Nova Scotia's official announcement, click here. For more local information, contact the municipal office.


Develop Nova Scotia is the Crown Corporation responsible for developing and Develop Nova Scotia is the Crown Corporation responsible for developing and implementing a strategy to provide high-speed Internet access to unserved and underserved Nova Scotians. The Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative strategy will see highspeed Internet access available to more than 95% of Nova Scotia residences and businesses.