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business parkThe Municipality of Barrington welcomes you to the Lobster Capital of Canada! Barrington is the place to be if you are in the business of lobster, fisheries, or the ocean. With industry related to boat building, fish processing, offshore oil and gas, and everything to do with lobster it is easy to see why the saltwater runs deep in our veins.

The newest opportunity for your business to become part of our growing economy is presented in the recently completed Barrington Passage Business Park. Located in the heart of our business district, the business park lots are ready for your next venture. Access to sewer, high-speed internet, close to Hwy 103, and access to one of the largest fisheries in Canada, are all reasons to come Sea us!

What to Sea!barrington passage

  • Great access to affordable commercial land is complemented by a great quality of life.
  • The time is right to capitalize on a booming fishing industry and offshore growth.
  • The Municipality is a safe place to live and work. Residents are known for their friendly nature and
  • gracious hospitality.
A smart place to live, work and do business in. We are rooted in tradition and shaped by the sea. The strength of the fishery is the backbone of our economy, and plays a vital role in our growth and prosperity.

What to Catch!


  • The residential rate of $1.05/ $100 of assessment is the 12th lowest out of 51 Nova Scotia Municipalities.
  • Average dwelling cost of $149,000 means that your money spent on housing goes a lot further than the NS average of $201,000, or the
  • Canadian average of $345,000.
  • Beautiful sandy beaches, the tallest lighthouse in the Maritimes, some of the best bird watching in Atlantic Canada, and a documented UFO site are only some of the awesome reasons visitors come to Barrington. 
  • fishing industry The Municipality has a newly developed Business Park, that is conveniently located in the business district, as well as close proximately to many coastal ports and 100-series highway.
  • Our lobster industry is second to none. This creates ample spin-off prospects for businesses in or related to lobster and other fisheries.
  • With our miles of beautiful coastline, we are primed for development related to the ocean. Opportunity exists in the fisheries, aquaculture, and offshore oil and gas development.

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