Picnic - Rest Stops

A number of stunning, relaxing picnic and rest areas can be found within the Municipality of Barrington. Take a break, enjoy a picnic, or just enjoy an evening relaxing by the ocean or riverside at one of our picnic/rest stops.

McGray Avenue Gazebo and Boardwalk

 McGray Avenue Gazebo and Boardwalk

Enjoy a seaside stroll along the boardwalk near the Cape Sable Island Causeway. Take in the views of sailboats, fishing boats and a beautiful white sand beach. Enjoy a picnic lunch at the gazebo, or just relax and take in the beautiful view.

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Island View Park


Island View Park offers a serene retreat with breathtaking panoramic vistas of the surrounding ocean, lush greenery, and a tranquil atmosphere, providing an idyllic setting for relaxation and a perfect view of Cape Sable Island.

Barrington River Picnic/Rest Stop

Barrington River Picnic Rest Stop

Located along the beautiful Barrington River, where the river meets the sea. Located within walking distance to the Seal Island Light Museum, Old Meeting House Museum, the Woolen Mill Museum and the Cape Sable Historical Society.

Shag Harbour UFO Crash Site – Highway 3, Shag Harbour

Shag Harbour UFO Crash Site

This rest stop is located at the Shag Harbour UFO crash site which happened in October of 1967. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, take time to enjoy the spectacular sunsets and watch fishing boats come and go throughout the day.

Baccaro Point Look-Off

Baccaro Point Look Off

Located on the most southerly tip of mainland Nova Scotia (the most southerly point is The Hawk, Cape Sable Island), Baccaro Point is also home to the Baccaro Lighthouse. A great spot to watch the waves and just relax! A great spot for bird watching as well.

Fort Creek Park – Port La Tour

Fort Creek Park Port La Tour

A great rest stop with views of the Atlantic Ocean, located at the site of Fort Saint Louis National Historical Park.
Close by: Crows Neck Beach and Baccaro Point

Strang’s Lane – Port Clyde

Strangs Lane Port Clyde

A peaceful setting along the beautiful Clyde River. A great spot for a picnic or just enjoying the view.

Drinking Brook Park – Clam Point, Cape Sable Island

Drinking Brook Park Clam Point Cape Sable Island

A rest stop overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Gazebo and picnic table on site.

South Side Beach Picnic Site

South Side Beach Picnic Site

Home to the endangered piping plovers and a beautiful white sand beach. A popular spot for beach goers and bird watchers. Washrooms on site in the summer months. Change rooms on site.

The Hawk – Cape Sable Island

the hawk cape sable island

Considered one of the best birding destinations in Eastern Canada, The Hawk is an Important Bird Area. Discover the Drowned Forest, an ancient forest that is uncovered at low tide, here you will also be able to view Nova Scotia’s tallest lighthouse, the Cape Sable Lighthouse. Beautiful white sand beach.