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kayakingThe Barrington Municipal Recreation Department is committed to offering a variety of recreational programs year-round, as well as informing residents of the multitude of quality recreation and leisure programs that exist within our community. In addition to our own programs, there are many organizations providing opportunities for the people of the area.

Barrington Recreation is pleased to be able to offer information on a wide variety of these opportunities through our web site, and to partner with other providers of community based recreational programs.

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Programs/Events currently being offered


Fall Punch Card Challenge

Welcome to the Municipality of Barrington's Fall Punch Card Challenge!  pdf Punch Card Intro (92 KB)  

YOUR OBJECTIVE: Walk, run, jog, bike, to our punch stations hidden throughout the Municipality of Barrington parks, trails, light houses, and green spaces. . 

 PUNCH YOUR CARD (One per location). We can tell you have been there because eachpunch is unique.

Try to find as many punch stations as you can.

There are a total 15 punch card stations. There are 4 different areas. Area A there are fourpunch cards ranging from Charlesville- Shag Harbour. Area B there are four punch cards ranging from Barrington Passage- Barrington. Area C there are four punch cards and they are scattered across Cape Sable Island. Area D there are three punch cards throughout Port LaTour and Baccaro Point. Check out pdf your map (310 KB) for more details. 

You can return your completed punch card at the Municipality of Barrington Recreation Centre or the Municipality of Barrington Administration Office. Both places currently open 9am-4pm Monday-Friday)

 You can complete the punch card challenge in any order you wish!

If you can't find a punch card, or think one has gone missing, or want more clues please let us know by calling 902-637-2015 EXT 237 or email or send us a message through Facebook.


For every area you complete, your chances to win prizes will increase. For example, if you complete one area, then your name will be entered in a draw once. If you complete all four areas,then your name will get entered four times.


Please practice social distancing of 2m+ while you hunt for punch stations

If you feel unwell or are symptomatic or think you may have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 please do not participate in the challenge.


Municipality of Barrington Recreation Centre 27 Park Lane, Barrington NS

 Municipality of Barrington Administrative Office 2447 Highway 3, Barrington NS

Get your Punch Card here:   pdf Municipality punch card sheet (1.31 MB)

Download your map!  pdf Municipality of Barrington Punch Card ChallengeFINAL (310 KB)

Have fun! 




 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Program

Sea cadets 2

The Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Program is for youth ages 12-18. The program is completely free of charge and offers youth an opportunity to become more involved in their community, as well as develop skills that are beneficial for their future. In the cadet program, there are several different aspects and activities. We focus on leadership, seamanship, sailing, marksmanship, and even band. Lifelong friendships can be made with other cadets from around the world, and there are also many opportunities to travel across canada for summer camps and deployments, and even across the world for international exchanges. If you're looking for something fun, exciting, challenging, and rewarding, this program could be perfect for you.

Sea Cadets meet every Wednesday night at the Barrington Recreation Centre from 6:30-9:00.

Anyone between the ages of 12-18 can register on any Wednesday night throughout their training year. 


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