Community Litter Clean-Up Program

Our Community Litter Clean-Up Program offers an incentive to individuals and non-profit groups to clean litter from the ditches along the roads authorized by Nova Scotia Department of Public Works and the Municipality.

The incentive is $150 per kilometer for regular clean-up and $200 per kilometer for heavily littered and difficult areas to reach. Eligible areas are determined by the Community Litter Co-ordinator

This program is open from April-June and is offered under the framework provided in Policy 89 Community Litter Clean-Up Program Policy. A copy of the policy can be found here.

A maximum of 100 kilometers of the Municipality is cleaned per year which is distributed equally among districts, as much as possible.

If you are interested in participating in the program, complete this  pdf application form (158 KB) and contact our program coordinator, Megan Smith, at  or 902-903-0493.