Municipal Pool

Recreation Department: 902-637-2015

poolThis facility is 82 feet long and 28 feet wide. The shallow end (20 x 28 feet) is only 2 1/2 feet deep. The pool then slopes down to a depth of 5 1/2 feet over the next 20 feet. The deep end (42 x 28 feet) is 5 1/2 feet deep. The pool is heated and a comfortable temperature will be maintained. Due to the depth of the pool, diving will not be taught or allowed. A complete schedule of instruction using the Life Saving Society swimming program will be offered.

Summer 2023

Swimming Lessons:

Lessons are delivered for all National Lifesaving Society levels in one-week sessions starting July 4th To register for swim lessons please create your account online and then select from the options available under Courses, or call the Recreation Department at 902-637-2015 ext 239.. A full course schedule is below and offered weekly: Monday to Friday. Registration will open at 7pm on May 15th. If you are concerened about spaces available as your child moves through levels, we will add classes as needed. 

To register, click here or select "Register for a Program" from our drop down Recreation menu. 


9:30-10 am  Swimmer L3 Swimmer L6 (til 10:15)
10-10:30 am  Swimmer L1
10:30-11 am  Swimmer L5 ( til 11:15) Swimmer L4
11-11:30 am  Pre-Swimmer
11:30-12   Private lesson Swimmer L1
12-12:30   Swimmer L2 Pre-swimmer


Bubble rentals may be booked online. Please create an account and request your booking here.

Please note that Bubble Rentals require a full hour booking so if you see it split in two time slots, please request both

You will be billed only the $50 Bubble Rental Fee.

Due to current staffing levels all rentals, and public swims are subject to a limit of 25 in the pool. 


**Please note: Pool schedules are subject to change


Summer Pool Schedule (July 1-August 25)