Our Many Wharfs


“For coastal communities, harbours and wharves perform functions equivalent to the major public infrastructure in urban areas such as highways, bridges, airports and industrial parks”

-- Between the Land and the Sea, 2004

wharves of barringtonAs you travel around the Municipality of Barrington, you will find many working waterfronts to visit. Our fishery is a vital industry to many of our residents from lobster fishing to swordfishing. Travel down to the wharves and see the famous Cape Island fishing boats (locally known as a Cape Islander) which line them, see the people who make up our fishery getting ready for a trip or just getting in from one with their catch.

Be mindful that all our wharves are busy with traffic and people and respect the work that is being done, but our friendly folks won’t mind answering questions you may have in regard to how they make their living.

Wharves in the Municipality and Town of Clark’s Harbour

  • marina and fishing boatBear Point
  • Cape Negro
  • Clark’s Harbour
  • Cripple Creek (Clam Point, Cape Sable Island)
  • Ingomar (Black Point)
  • Lower Wood’s Harbour
  • Lower Wood’s Harbour (Falls Point)
  • Lower Wood’s Harbour (Forbes Point)
  • Newellton
  • Port La Tour
  • Seal Island (Crowell’s Cove)
  • Shag Harbour
  • Shag Harbour (Prospect Point)
  • Smithville
  • South Side
  • Stoney Island
  • Swims Point
  • Upper Port La Tour
  • West Head