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Welcome to the Active Living Page! Where we talk about living a healthy, active lifestyle here in the Municipality of Barrington



Hike Barrington and take on the Hike NS Challenge! 




Hike Nova Scotia and the Municipality of Barrington are happy to announce the launch of the new Municipality of Barrington Badge as part of Hike NS’s Hiker Challenge. The Hiker Challenge is about inspiring, motivating and rewarding hikers to start hiking or to hike more. Your reward for completing a challenge is a badge to show off on clothing or backpacks and making the Honour Roll. The new Municipality of Barrington Badge is free, supported by the NS Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism and Heritage. It challenges you to visit at least 7 of 10 local trails over the course of a year. Each season there is a prize draw for gift cards generously provided by The Trail Shop. So get your hike on and take the Hiker Challenge!






Woods Harbour Trail: Begin at the Woods Harbour Station Rd and hike north along the Woodland Multi Use Trail until you reach the second bridge on the trail for a 4.6 km hike. 


SPECIAL EVENT Guided Snowshoe Hike! Woods Harbour Trail segmentJoin us on January 22nd at 1pm for a snowshoe hike (if little or no snow, we will just stick with our boots).Meet at the Club House Playground parking area on Woods Harbour Station Rd. If you need snowshoes, the recreation department has a limited number of pairs they can loan out so please call ahead. You are welcome just to hike it without snowshoes as well.The trail is a shared use trail that is easy terrain. It can be suitable for strollers depending on the snow cover and type of stroller.This is a 4.6km hike. Please dress in layers for the changing weather we may experience and wear appropriate footwear with or without snowshoes.




Barrington Bay Trail: Begin near the Starboard Inn and hike on the Rail Trail that follows the coastline of Barrington Passage. Turn around once you have reached the end of the Barrington Bay Trail near Doctors Cove for a 5.18 km hike. 

Wireless Station Rd: Begin on Wireless Station Rd and hike the old road until you’ve reached the Wireless Station. There are remains of the old station that was used as part of communication during the First World War. The wireless station is about 4.8km from the Rail Trail, which totals to be a9.6 km hike. 
Green Hills Trail: Walk the Green Hills Trail that follows the shoreline until you have reached the beach and turn around for a 3.38 km hike 
Stoney Island Beach: Hike one of the most beautiful beaches in Cape Sable Island, which is a 2.94 km hike 
The Hawk: Hike the most southern part of Nova Scotia! Walk south-east towards the drowned forest and turn around at the tip of Nova Scotia where you will see the Cape Sable Lighthouse on an island. It is a roughly 2.6 km hike. 
North East Point Beach: Hike along the North East Point beach and learn about the Causeway for a 968 metre hike. 

Port Clyde Trail: Park on Lyles Road and hike South on the Rail Trail for 5.76 km until you have reached the Highway 103 intersection. If you are doing this challenge with a group, we advise one person to park their car on the shoulder near Highway 103 so then you do not need to turn around and hike again. However, if you wish to hike back to the starting point, it will be a 11.56 km hike 


Sherose Island Nature Trail: Visit the most magical trail in Nova Scotia! Complete the 1 km loop and view all of the decorated rocks for a 1 km hike 



Barrington River: Park at the parking lot near the Barrington Museum complex and the trailhead will be about 150 meters south. Once you reach the trailhead, cross the bridge and continue hiking until you reach the 103 highway then turn around for a 4.5 km hike. 


Make Your Move Campaign

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The Healthy Tomorrow Foundation has launched the "Make your Move" Campaign. This is a public awarness campaign designed to encourage Nova Scotians to move more throughout the entire day. Their goal is to inspire people to think about movement differently and recognize that it's easy to do. Their website has blogs about some of awesome people in our province doing neat things to increase movement! Check it out by clicking here

Are you looking at making your move in Barrington? Here are some areas that are easy to explore and get active! Remember, the best piece of exercise ever invented is YOU!



walk_flyerresized.pngBenefits of walking

Are you aware of all the benefits walking has to your body? Take a look at these facts! 

Looking for some resources on walking more! Check out the NS Walks website:  This website has some videos on stretches you can do, some inspirational videos and information on starting your own walking group, and some information how YOU can become a walking leader in your community!
















Outdoor Unstructured Play in Barrington 

pic 1 resizeThe Municipality of Barrington values the importance of outdoor unstructured play. When we are talking about outdoor unstructured play, we are referring to risky play and nature play. This play normally happens where natural elements are present- such as water and mud, rocks, sticks, hills, forests, and natural loose parts such as pine cones, leaves, grass etc. This sort of play is self-directed and exploratory. This means that the child is in charge of the play and directs how they are playing.    This sort of play includes some element of risk. Outdoor play provides thrilling and exciting forms of play that involve uncertainty and the potential for physical injury- which can be good. It is good for children to test their limits, explore boundaries and learn about injury risk. Click here for more information on an overview of risky play.

playing with tires resized2Another way the Municipality of Barrington is supporting outdoor unstructured play is through our Loose Parts Play shed initiative. We currently have one Loose Parts Play Shed located at the Sherose Island Playground. The Shed houses plenty of Loose Parts items such as tires, stumps, ropes, tunnels, crates, cooking supplies, etc. The reason loose parts play is important for children is because the items allow the kids to be in charge of the play. They can use and adopt the equipment as they please, which enhances their creativity and development. Loose parts play also develops problem-solving skills and competencies needed for later academic skills. If you want to learn more about loose parts play, click here.

Check out this infographic on the adult's role in supervising outdoor unstructured

Paddling in The Municipality of Barrington

*NEW-Kayak and inflatable paddleboard storage shed at Sherose Island! *

Barrington Recreation now has 8 kayaks and 3 inflattable Stand Up Paddleboards stored at the Sherose Island boat launch. Residents can borrow equipment by contacting the RecreationUntitled design Department. Email  or call 902-637-2015 EXT 237 to book a kayak.

The kayaks we have stored are recreational kayaks, they are intended to be used in calm weather conditions. Do not paddle in condtions that surpasses  8 knots/14.8km/h, thunderstorms, or thick fog. For information on wind conditions, visit Windfinder











Are you looking at places to paddle in the Municipality of Barrington? Check out these spots to launch your boats! *All of these locations are on the Ocean*

Contact your Physical Activity Coordinator

Joel d'Entremont

Office Phone: 902-637-2015 EXT 237