Summer Programs

The Barrington Municipal Recreation Department is committed to offering a variety of recreational programs year-round, as well as informing residents of the multitude of quality recreation and leisure programs that exist within our community. In addition to our own programs, there are many organizations providing opportunities for the people of the area.

Barrington Recreation is pleased to be able to offer information on a wide variety of these opportunities through our website and to partner with other providers of community-based recreational programs.



 Summer Recreation Programming will be available each week and offer age appropriate specialty camps in a welcome active environment for children from age 5 (entering grade primary) to 14. Each camp runs Monday (or Tuesday on holiday weeks) to Thursday from 8:15-4:45. 

 Each camp is $70/week (3-day weeks will be prorated to $50)  Family rates are available with savings of 20% per child as long as all children are registered in the same week of programming. This discount will apply to Recreation Camp programming only.   


 Registration will open on May 31 at 7am online and at 8 by phone as long as an account has been created in advance. Create an account with your information and add family members to have each child to be registered listed. 


Summer 2023 Special Interest Camps 

Dates Summer Rec CampAge 5-7 Summer Rec CampAge 8-11 Summer Youth Leadership CampAge 11-14 
July 4-6    pdf Branching Out (Nature/Camping)  (1006 KB)   pdf Adventureland  (Nature/Outside)  (1.20 MB)   document Forces of Nature  (14 KB)
Buddy burners, making smores, tent making, crafts (bird feeder, nature suncatcher). Scavenger hunt, treasure hunt, rock painting, s'mores making, friendship bracelets, and kayaking Ice breaker trivia, planting seeds (the process of  photosynthesis), hiking, outside team building activities, geocaching, photo scavenger hunt, to my future self.
July 10-13    pdf Down on the Farm Camp  (1.10 MB)   pdf All-Star Sports Camp  (1.30 MB)   document Mystery Week  (108 KB)
Special guest, paint plant pots, planting, animal games, sing farm songs, binoculars craft, animal yoga. Basketball, soccer, and baseball skills/mini-games, archery, sports trivia, mini basketball hoop craft, soccer ball pinatas, rugby with Tomi McCarthy, and wear a sports themed jersey or t-shirt   Murder Mystery(make your own costumes!),      I have who has, escape room, mystery box, create your own hidden message.
July 17-20     pdf Magical Adventures (Magic/Science Camp)  (1.11 MB)   pdf Show Your Skills  (1.20 MB)   document Into the Wilderness  (108 KB)
Build props, prepare for talent show, science experiments, slime making, sink or float game. Talent show preparation and talent show, sports skills challenges, collage making, and trivia Kayaking, camping skills (tent pitching, knot tying, etc.) wilderness survival skills (water safety, identifying plants, finding/creating shelter) Orienteering.
July 24-27     pdf Work of Art (Art Camp)  (1.11 MB)   pdf Go for the Gold (Olympics Camp)  (1.33 MB)   document Wet n’ Wild/Crafts  (108 KB)
Flower/leaf painting, ladybug rock painting, abstract painting, tissue paper suncatcher, tree bark rubbing art Teams compete in the Olympics throughout the week. Design team flags/logos, relay races, trivia, capture the flag, gold, silver, and bronze medal winners  ●        Water games (cup to cup, water balloons, sponge run, bottle toss) kayaking, diy sunglasses, make your own boats, dream boards. 
July 31-Aug 3   pdf Storybook Camp  (1.14 MB)   pdf Wet n’ Wild  (1.15 MB)   document Big Bang! (Science Week)  (108 KB)
Mmm, Cookies! (Robert Munsch)We Share Everything (Robert Munsch)Show and Tell (Robert Munsch)Leaves! (Robert Munsch)(Kids storybook themed activities, a book in the morning and then activities will follow themes in the book) Slip n’ slide matball, water balloon toss, wet sponge relay, teams will design, build, and race boats (cardboard and duct tape), slippery relay race, water balloon catapults, and slip and slide baseball Ice Cream in a bag, colorful density column, diy phone speaker, egg with no shell (learning about osmosis, protect the egg.
Aug 8-10    pdf Wet N Wild  (559 KB)   pdf Mad Science Week (1.56 MB)   document Sports n’ Games  (107 KB)
Slip and Slide, sponge battle, sprinkler fun,  homemade popsicle making. Volcano building and eruptions, homemade ice cream experiment, science trivia, slime making, beaded bracelet making, build and race cars down a ramp, science bingo, leaf press painting Biking, archery, tennis, planning your own activity (plan a game to do with younger kids) capture the flag, sardines.
Aug 14-17    pdf Disney Days  (637 KB)   pdf Camp Carnival  (1.14 MB)   document Leadership Week  (108 KB)
Disney bingo, Disney sing-a-long, treasure hunt, disney inspired craft, and tye-dye. Indoor carnival game stations (bean bag toss, pop a balloon, cup pong, bottle toss), outdoor carnival activities (tight rope walking, potato sack races, three-legged race, popcorn relay race) slushie making, and tie dye One member, three leaders, debate, human knot, leadership role models, crossing the river challenge, leadership coat of arms, minefield, marshmallow challenge, magic carpet, paint rocks for the nature trail.
Aug 21-24   pdf Holidays  (1.12 MB)   pdf Holidays (1.65 MB)   document Holidays  (108 KB)
Valentines day card making, easter egg hunt, trick or treating, birthday party, christmas card and ornament making! Gingerbread man decorating, easter egg hunt, birthday party, trick or treating, snow globe jars, and snowflake making Decorating Christmas cookies, holiday crafts, giving out Halloween candy, diy Halloween masks, planning your own activities to lead younger groups 





In Barrington

Weekly sessions available from 10am-11:30am for 3 weeks.
Wednesdays and Fridays on July 12 and July 14th. Also on July 26th and 28th.
Tuesday and Thursdays on July 18 and 20th

Girls on Boards is a provincial program: On a mission to empower girls to love their bodies, trust their core and lead the way.
Sponsored body positive SUP trips for teens.
Girls On Boards is here to empower tomorrow’s female leaders by building their confidence today.





FREE Try it Stand Up Paddle boarding sessions for ages 10 and up in the month of July!
July 5th 6-7:30pm
July 6th 10-11:30am
July 12th 2:30-4pm
July 14th 2:30-4pm
July 17th 6-7:30pm
July 24th 6-7:30pm
All of the session will be held at the Wild Axe Park on 5 Petticoat Lane.
space is limited so register now!


Kayking lessons are all free. These lessons will go over basic kayaking knowledge, and learn basic kayaking skills.Kayaks, paddles, PFDs are provided. 

If you are interested in participating in a session please register by calling 1902-637-2015 EXT 237 or register online

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