Waste Collection / Waste Management

Please Note: Maximum of 1 bulky item shall be collected from all dwellings, and commercial, industrial and institutional establishments within the Municipality on a daily basis at the same time as the municipal waste collection. Bulky items shall include refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, furniture (expect solid wood furniture - i.e. oak table), mattresses, rugs, etc. Bulky items shall be collected along with the municipal solid waste on a daily basis.

NEW: Two (2) bag system for blue bags: residents are asked to separate paper & boxboard into a separate bag from recyclable containers. For a complete sorting guide, please click here



Yarmouth County Line to Shag Harbour Fire Hall and Brass Hill.


Shag Harbour Fire Hall to and including Sherose Island.


Lower Clarks Harbour, The Hawk, South Side, Clam Point, Stoney Island, North East Point on the Stoney Island Road.


West Head, Newellton, Centreville, North East Point on Hwy 330, McGray's Avenue, Sherose Island Causeway to Anthony Estates in Barrington, Factory Hill Road, Oak Park and Riverhead.


Anthony Estates, Villagedale Road, Baccaro, Port La Tour, and Clyde Areas.

Residual, Recyclable, and Organic Materials are collected every week.


Waste Collection