Committees of Council
Committee of the Whole Council Warden   ALL
Nominating Committee Warden   ALL
Planning Advisory Committee (3)                                                Jody Crook

Cecil Swimm(Expires Mar. 31/22)

Amanda Nippard (Expires Mar.31/22)

Eddie Nickerson

Jody Crook

George El-Jakl

Audit Committee (3)        

      Citizen Members (2)                      


Donna LeBlanc-Messenger 

Amanda Lloyd


(all 2 year positions - expires April 1/23)

Eddie Nickerson

Jody Crook

Andrea Mood-Nickerson

Joint EMO Executive Committee(2)                                 Town of Clark’s Harbour Reps 

Eddie Nickerson

Jody Crook

Joint Police Advisory Board(2)                    

Penny Duggan

Cindy Nickerson

Eddie Nickerson

Jody Crook

NS Marathon Committee (Ad hoc committee created Sept 12/18  

Shaun Hatfield (Citizen Rep)

Amanda Nippard

Crystal Stoddart

Jennifer Shand

Gerilyn Crowell

Scott Symonds

Sasha Crowell

Talent Wilson

Brandi Nickerson

Andrea Mood-Nickerson

Jennifer Larkin

Melanie d'Entremont

Jody Crook

Eddie Nickerson

Recreation Advisory Committee


District#1 Vacant
District#2 Nicole Nickerson
District#3 Charla Strang
District#4 Jonathan Langille
District#5 Doug Brannen
Town of CH Laura Ross
(2 years - expires Oct. 28, 2021)

Jody Crook
Andrea Mood-Nickerson
Alternate - George El-Jakl

Accessibility Advisory Council  

Loretta Nickerson - SASI

Boyd Hilton Scott

Denise Nickerson - Southwest Employment Services

Term expires 2 years from first meeting - March 31/23

Eddie Nickerson

Shaun Hatfield

George El-Jakl

Committees where Council has Financial Interest
Region 6 Waste (1)               

Andrea Mood-Nickerson

Alternate - Jody Crook

Western REN Liaison and Oversight Committee   Eddie Nickerson          Alternate – Shaun Hatfield
Western Counties Regional Library (1)     Shaun Hatfield
Outside Committees to which Council appoints a Councillor
Roseway Hospital Charitable Foundation (1)           Eddie Nickerson
Yarmouth Hospital Charitable Foundation (1)      Shaun Hatfield 
Barrington Municipal/Clark’s Harbour Town Satellite Dialysis Clinic Committee

 Clark's Harbour - (2) Representatives

Public Members:

Lee Goreham-Smith

Courtney Rennehan

Eunice Rennehan

Timm Smith

David Cleaver

Brenda Cleaver

Jody Crook

Shaun Hatfield

Shelburne County Housing Coalition        Shaun Hatfield
Barrington Municipal Exhibition Committee   Andrea Mood-Nickerson
Outside Committees to which Council Appoints Citizen Representation
Bay Side Home Board of Directors                   

Town of Clark's Hbr Rep

Brenda Maxwell

Sandra Jelenich

Carrie-Dawn Weeks

 Bradley Pass

Ester Atkinson

Andrea Mood-Nickerson

Lynn Ensor

Western Regional HousingAuthority                Cecil Swimm
Exp. Sept 25/23