Andrea Mood-Nickerson, District 2

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District 2 - Barrington West, Oak Park, Brass Hill, Sherose Island, Barrington Passage, Doctor’s Cove, Atwood’s Brook & Bear Point

Councillor Andrea Mood- Nickerson resides in Barrington with her husband, Andrew. They have three wonderful children; Kattiann, Sidney, and Jackie. Two beautiful grandchildren; Jace and Jack.

Councillor Mood-Nickerson has volunteered in a variety of committees and organizations throughout her lifetime. She served on them to improve and enhance our community.

Her platform is to “ Improve our Community - TOGETHER!” . This is communicating collaboratively together for the better of all. She wants to open those lines of communication so we are all aware of what is happening in our Municipality. Having conversations with each other and discussing how we are going to be proactive and move forward as a community.

Overall, she is both excited and honoured to represent District 2 for the upcoming term.

Appointed as a member of Council to the following committees:

  • Audit Committee
  • Recreation Advisory Committee
  • Region 6 Solid Waste Management
  • Barrington Municipal Exhibition Committee

Contact Information:

Phone: 902-635-0074