Jody Crook, District 5

Jody CrookCouncillor from 2012 to present

District 5 – Riverhead, Barrington, Villagedale, Coffinscroft, Port La Tour, Baccaro, East Baccaro Smithsville, Upper Port La Tour, Reynoldscroft, Cape Negro, Blanche, Port Clyde, Thomasville, Clyde River, Lower Clyde River, Middle Clyde River, Goose Lake

Councillor Crook lives in Barrington, on the Villagedale Road, with his wife Lea Jane Smith.

Jody was born and raised in Port La Tour with his family. After High School, Jody obtained his Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, NS. After University, Jody returned home and found a position as Office Manager with Kenney & Ross Limited, located in Port Saxon. In 2010, Jody became the Vice President and General Manager of Kenney & Ross Limited.

Municipal Politics have been a passion over the past several years. Jody ran for Councillor several terms ago, with success in 2012.

Being an active member with the community has been very pleasing. The opportunity to help with moving the Municipality forward is very rewarding.

Member of the following Committees:

  • Police advisory
  • BoardFire Services
  • Planning and Advisory


18 Villagedale Road
Barrington, NS B0W 1E0
Phone: (902) 635-0000