Glacier Buoy Project

Access to a reliable source of freshwater has become challenging for residents ofsouthwest Nova Scotia in recent years. To attempt to address this, we have been collaborating with Oneka to bring a reliable source of fresh water.

An information session was held on September 13. It touched on the drought conditions affecting our region over the past years, how the Municipality has taken steps to address water shortages, the partnership between the Municipality and Oneka Technologies and an overview of Oneka's Glacier Buoy Project.

The information presented at the session can be viewed here:  Oneka Glavier Buoy Project Presentation

For more information on the project, here is a two-pager describing the project:  Oneka Glacier Buoy Project Two-Pager

To learn more or if you have any questions, please contact Oneka at  or at 1-819-485-0335.