Nova Scotia Marathon Celebrates 45 Years

Nova Scotia Marathon 2015

Nova Scotia Marathon/Half Marathon & 10km Celebrates 45 Years

The Municipality of Barrington would like to thank everyone who participated and volunteered their time in this year’s Nova Scotia Marathon. We had a record amount of runners this year with 353 runners crossing the finish line.

The Marathon wouldn’t run without the hard work of the Barrington Recreation staff and the many volunteers who help each year. Race Director, Anna Kenney stated that they had over 70 volunteers this year, which includes aid station workers, reception organizers, cooks for the seafood chowder, course drivers, medal presenters, and more. “The marathon would not be possible without the support from the community, through volunteers, business sponsors and local residents who come out and cheer on the runners on race day”, says Kenney.

2015 Marathon Statistics

Full Marathon Participants – 90

Half Marathon Participants – 144

10km Participants – 119

Participants represented:
8 Canadian Provinces and 2 Territories
9 U.S. States
Great Britain, China, Ireland, Denmark, Brussels and the Philippines.

Overall WinnersMarathon Winners 2015

Full Marathon
1st – Bryan Hipson – 2:46:15
2nd – Stan Chen – 2:54:40
3rd – Marco Albright – 2:57:54

Half Marathon
1st – Matthew White – 1:16:54
2nd – Clint Cummings – 1:22:59
3rd – Mike MacKinnon – 1:25:03

1st – Ian McGrath – 40:58
2nd – Daniel Slack – 40:59
3rd – Marc-Andre Chavey-Ma – 41:00

Division Winners

Full Marathon

Open Male
1st Place – Stan Chen – 2:54:40
2nd Place – Robert Keane – 3:07:46
3rd Place – Shaun Dorsey – 3:58:01

Open Female
1st Place – Erin Barrell – 3:20:20
2nd Place – Megan White – 3:39:14
3rd Place – Nelly Chen – 3:52:34

Masters Male
1st Place – Bryan Hipson – 2:46:15
2nd Place – Marco Albright – 2:57:54
3rd Place – Victor Kokta - 2:59:19

Masters Female
1st Place – Jill MacDonald – 3:46:12
2nd Place – Janet Noftall – 3:46:41
3rd Place – Martha Stevens – 3:49:12

Senior Masters Male
1st Place – Alf Lacey – 3:12:23
2nd Place – Jordan Taylor – 3:14:15
3rd Place – Dave Nevitt – 3:18:00

Seniors Masters Female
1st Place – Dorothy Vaughn – 3:55:16
2nd Place – Patricia Albert – 3:58:19
3rd Place – Marianne Seeley – 3:59:09

Golden Masters Male
1st Place – Richard Richard – 3:23:55
2nd Place – Chris Anderson – 3:44:22
3rd Place – Rand Luhning – 3:50:40

Golden Masters Female
1st Place – Holly Kazimer – 4:22:42
2nd Place – Liz Walker – 4:50:40
3rd Place – Arleen Fagan – 5:25:57

Platinum Male
1st Place – Malcolm Pain – 4:05:00

Half Marathon

Youth Female
1st Place – Sarah Le Blanc – 1:56:20
2nd Place – Jenna Adams – 2:10:15
3rd Place – Johnna Nickerson – 2:39:13

Open Male
1st Place – Matthew White – 1:16:54
2nd Place – Damian McCarville – 1:34:04
3rd Place – Ian Whynacht – 1:35:28

Open Female
1st Place - Emily Hamilton – 1:25:05
2nd Place – Jennie Orr – 1:37:00
3rd Place – Elizabeth Lennox – 1:39:23

Masters Male
1st Place – Clint Cummings – 1:22:59
2nd Place – Mike MacKinnon – 1:25:03
3rd Place – Ian Cunningham – 1:30:37

Masters Female
1st Place – Kristin Gough – 1:36:40
2nd Place – Lori Sigfridson – 1:44:44
3rd Place – Suzanne LeBlanc – 1:45:32

Seniors Masters Male
1st Place – Steven Murray – 1:25:57
2nd Place – Tom Ullyett – 1:31:41
3rd Place – Kimball Meagher – 1:36:18

Seniors Masters Female
1st Place – Norma Houston – 1:39:38
2nd Place - Caryn Small Legs-Na – 1:45:16
3rd Place – Janis Power – 1:47:42

Golden Masters Male
1st Place – Gayland Goodwin – 1:40:46
2nd Place – Rick Chataway – 2:02:45
3rd Place – Bill Roblee – 2:05:28

Golden Masters Female
1st Place – Cecile Chavy – 1:43:57
2nd Place – Donalda Cody – 2:00:33
3rd Place – Connie Meister – 2:02:44

Platinum Male
1st Place – George Pothier – 2:06:18
2nd Place – Murray Forgrave – 2:22:27

Platinum Female
1st Place – Marion Oikle – 2:34:36


Youth Male
1st Place – Daniel Slack – 40:59
2nd Place – Calum McAnally – 47:07

Youth Female
1st Place – Wynter Block – 53:53
2nd Place – Patricia Messenger – 1:12:21

Open Male
1st Place – Ian McGrath – 40:48
2nd Place – Marc- Andre Chavy-Ma – 41:00
3rd Place – Brian Little – 45:47

Open Female
1st Place – Heather Baillie – 44:28
2nd Place – Stacy Withrow – 47:18
3rd Place – Jean Little – 49:51

Masters Male
1st Place – Xinhua Luo – 42:24
2nd Place – Ven Block -53:54
3rd Place – Kerry Cunningham – 59:25

Masters Female
1st Place – Wendy Amero-Tilley – 52:24
2nd Place – Corrine Comeau – 57:26
3rd Place – Colette LeBlanc – 57:27

Senior Masters Male
1st Place – Doug Swinamer – 42:07
2nd Place – David Stobbe – 50:27
3rd Place – Joey Messenger – 52:48

Senior Masters Female
1st Place – Leeanne White – 57:19
2nd Place – Michele D. Mitchell – 59:19
3rd Place – Jude Turner – 1:02:21

Golden Masters Male
1st Place – Robin Meister – 43:03
2nd Place – Barry Sullivan – 49:38
3rd Place – Joe Barrell – 51:33

Golden Masters Female
1st Place – Joan Boutilier – 1:23:24
2nd Place – Judith Meyrick – 1:34:29

Special Thanks to Marathon Photographer, Ken Chetwynd who captured all the great moments of the Run. You can download his photos from his website here. 

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Race Results can be viewed on Atlantic Chip here.

10km Results 2015

Half Marathon Results 2015

Full Marathon Results 2015



Municipality of The District of Barrington
P.O. Box 100
Barrington, Nova Scotia B0W 1E0

Warden Eddie Nickerson 635-1682 cell


Barrington, N.S., July 29, 2015—At its regular Council meeting Monday night Barrington Municipal Council approved its budget for the 2015/2016 fiscal year, including all tax rates and fees for Municipal services.

The Residential and Resource Tax Rates remain unchanged at $ 1.00 per $ 100.00 of assessment.
The Commercial Tax Rate also remains unchanged at $ 2.55 per $ 100.00 of assessment.

Area Fire Rates were reduced in 3 of the 4 Districts as follows;
Woods Harbour Shag Harbour from $ 0.186 to $ 0.180
Island/Barrington Passage from $ 0.094 to $ 0.085
Barrington/Port Latour from $ 0.153 to $ 0.131
While the Port Clyde Area Rate increased from $ 0.153 to $ 0.165

Sewer Service Charges in both Barrington and Woods Harbour will increase by $ 10.00 to $ 310.00 per sewer unit.
All other fees for Municipal services will be unchanged with the exception of the prime time Arena Ice Rental Fee which will increase by $ 5.00 to $ 120.00/hour.

Additional investments will be made in tourism projects at the Cape Sable Causeway this summer. In cooperation with ACOA the Municipality will fund the construction of a tourist rest stop at the mainland end of the Causeway and a floating dock, providing access to the water at the North East Point end of the Causeway.
In addition the Municipality is erecting a Wind Turbine Generator near the Landfill Site on the Goose Lake Road which will contribute revenues to reduce municipal taxes over the next 20 years.

  pdf Download the Press Release Here (53 KB)

Cape Sable Island's McGray Avenue to Undergo Waterfront Infrastructure Upgrades

Over the last couple of years, the Municipality of the District of Barrington has seen an increase in the number of visitors to the area who have come to relax and enjoy the local fishing villages, museums, white sandy beaches and culinary delights. Attracting tourists by offering enriching coastal experiences is important to the economic vitality of rural seaside communities.

Today, Parliamentary Secretary Gerald Keddy announced that the Government of Canada is providing the Municipality of the District of Barrington with a $70,393 investment, through ACOA’s Innovative Communities Fund (ICF), to undertake waterfront infrastructure improvements on Cape Sable Island’s McGray Avenue. The project involves refurbishing an existing rock retaining wall, constructing a new boardwalk and upgrading the parking area.

These improvements will enhance the community’s capacity to attract visiting pleasure boats, ensure safe access to and from the waterfront and increase visitor traffic to local businesses. The more accessible waterfront will also allow the community to expand its current tourism festival and event offerings.

This initiative builds on the momentum of the Sea Side Tourist Rest Stop, which is currently underway on the Barrington Passage side of the Cape Sable Island causeway. Together, these initiatives increase the aesthetic appeal of the waterfront and provide a comprehensive experience for tourists, encouraging them to visit and stay longer.

Quick Facts:

  • Cape Sable Island, locally known as Cape Island, is located at the southernmost point of the Nova Scotia peninsula.
  • A causeway, three-quarters of a mile in length, was built in 1949 to connect the Island to the mainland (Barrington Passage).
  • The Island is a notable birding destination, being an important migratory stopping point for birds such as the Atlantic Brant and Piping Plover.
  • McGray Avenue leads to one of Western Shelburne County’s most popular beaches, the North East Point Beach.
  • Barrington is the lobster capital of Canada. More than 38 per cent of Canadian lobster is landed in Lobster Fishing Area #34 which includes the Municipality of Barrington.


“The Municipality of the District of Barrington is a community rich in marine culture and heritage. Our Government is pleased to support Barrington as it builds on these strengths to provide quality tourism experiences. Combined with the recently completed multi-use trail head and the planned Sea Side Tourist Rest Stop, the upgrades at McGray Avenue will provide outdoor enthusiasts with a unique experience, supporting growth and prosperity in the area.”

- Gerald Keddy, Parliamentary Secretary to the to the Minister of Agriculture, to the Minister of National Revenue and for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, and Member of Parliament for South Shore-St. Margaret’s, on behalf of the Honourable Rob Moore, Minister of State (ACOA)

“The construction of these waterfront infrastructure improvements will be the final piece in making the North East Point Beach and Causeway Area the focal points for tourism experiences in the Municipality. We will now be able to attract tourists by both land and sea to enjoy the vibrant local culture of our community.”

- Eddie Nickerson, Warden, Municipality of the District of Barrington

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Kelsie Corey
Director of Communications
Office of the Minister of State
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Alex Smith
Director, Communications and Outreach
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
902-426-9417 / 902-448-2748 (cell)
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eddie Nickerson
Municipality of the District of Barrington
902-635-1682 (cell)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Municipal Tax Sale 2015

In the matter of the Municipal Government Act of the Province of Nova Scotia;

TAKE NOTICE that the lands and premises situated in the Municipality of the District of Barrington hereunder described shall be SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION for the arrears of rates and taxes due to the Municipality, unless the arrears of rates, taxes and expenses hereunder specified are paid in full. The auction will be held in the Court Room, in the Administrative Centre located in Barrington, NS, on AUGUST 10, 2015, and will commence at the hour of ten o'clock (10:00), in the forenoon.

Tax Sale is now closed. 

Arena News

A request for Proposals to provide Canteen Service at the Barrington Municipal Arean was issued in June, 2015. 

No proposals have been received.

As a result, the Municipality of Barrington will once again be operating the canteen at the Arena for the coming season.