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Date: Saturday, August 11, 2018 9:00 am
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August 11, 2018 (2nd Saturday in August)

Come explore the most southern tip in Nova Scotia!

Cape Sable is home to the Cape Sable Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in the Maritimes. This island, located just off of Cape Sable Island is an outdoor adventurers paradise! There are many great experiences to take in during Cape Days.

Your first experience is the boat ride to The Cape. Visitors are greeted by volunteers and asked to sign in to receive their passport to the Island. Our friendly captains will load passengers in outboard motor crafts (PFD’s are available for passengers, we do suggest you bring one if you have one) and motor passengers to the island.

Get up close and personal to Nova Scotia’s tallest lighthouse.

Explore an island off the coast of Nova Scotia, inhabited by free roaming sheep, shore birds, migratory birds and more.

Beach combing – explore and walk miles of white sand beaches.Interpretive signs – located at the lighthouse to give visitors a history of the lighthouse, its keepers and the island itself.

Outdoor exploration and recreation/hiking. (approximately a 1 km hike to the Lighthouse from drop off point)

Photography – spectaculars views from all points on the island.Bird watching – Cape Sable Island is one of the best birding destinations in Eastern Canada, also an Important Bird Area.

Picnicking – bring a lunch for the day or join us for lunch at the lighthouse – BBQ and snacks available on site for purchase.

Geocaching – there are a lot of geocaches on the island to find, a great way to spend the day exploring. 

Swimming – the water might be cold, but a lot of people to go for a swim, or just relax the day away on the beach. 

Camping – make arrangements with the crew for a pick up time the following day. (Another donation is required)

Itinerary for Saturday, August 11th "Cape Day"Boats start leaving The Hawk at 9 am (cost is donation)

Fish Plant Road, The Hawk B0W 1P0 

43° 24' 47.2464" N, 65° 37' 29.6832" W

Boats continue taking passenger to the Cape until everyone who wants to go is there. Life jackets will be provided for those who do not have their own, we do recommend that you bring your own, especially if you have children. 

Lunch consisting of bbq hot dogs and cold drinks will be available on the Cape. ($2 per item). Other food items are availabe for sale at "Aunt Lottie's" - a small cottage on the island where you can stop for tea and a sandwich and maybe a piece of homemade fudge.

All visitors should be ready to leave the Cape no later than 3 pm*

There are pit toilets available on the Cape. Also picnic tables and rest benches are available but not enough for everyone so if you would like, bring your own lawn chairs or picnic blanket.

TIPS FOR ENJOYING THE DAY:- You may also like to bring some snacks and water- Walking shoes as well as a second pair of shoes that you can get wet if we have to land at the beach (tide dependent). We recommend sandles for getting in and our of the boats and then sneakers or hikers for your day on the Island.-

Dress in layers as the weather can change from sunny and warm to foggy and cool very quickly (or the other way around)-

REMEMBER this is a sensitive ecosystem so watch where you walk and stay on the paths. There may still be birds nesting and the hatchlings can be very hard to see-

Dogs are allowed but we do not encourage you to being them. It's a long hot day for them. If you do bring them, they must be on a leash at all times.-

Bring a bag to carry off any garbage you produce or find (thanks for helping out with cleanup!) -

Don't forget your camera!!-

There are two "potties" on the Cape but you may not be near one when the urge strikes so a bit of toilet paper in your backpack might come in handy (remember to bring a bag to take paper with you to the nearest garbage can)