List of Committees 2014 - 2015

Committee of the Whole Council All Councillors Warden
Nominating Committee All Councillors Warden
Planning Advisory Committee Jody Crook
Murray Atkinson

Public Members:
Cecil Swimm
Cindy Nickerson
Audit Committee

Eddie Nickerson

Jody Crook 

Shawn Hatfield

Joint EMO Executive Committee Town of Clark's Harbour Reps
Eddie Nickerson
Shaun Hatfield
Roseway Hospital Charitable Foundation Eddie Nickerson  
Yarmouth Hospital Charitable Foundation Shaun Hatfield  
Western Counties Regional Library Shaun Hatfield  
Region 6 Waste Murray Atkinson
Jody Crook, Alternate
Joint Police Advisory Board Jody Crook Eddie Nickerson

Public Members:
Penny Duggan
Cindy Nickerson
Bay Side Home Board of Directors

George El-Jakl

Public Members:
Brenda Maxwell
Rev. Bradley Pass
Donna Malone
Ethel Nickerson
Charla Strang

James Symonds

1 Representative from the Town of Clark's Harbour 

Western Regional Housing Authority Cecil Swimm  
Barrington/Clark's Harbour Satellite Dialysis Committee 

Public Members
Lee Goreham-Smith
Courtney Rennehan
Eunice Rennehan
Timm Smith
David Cleaver
Brenda Cleaver

Town of Clark’s Harbour Representatives
Mayor Leigh Stoddart
Councillor Rex Stoddard

Municipality of Barrington Representatives
Councillor Jody Crook
Councillor Shaun Hatfield

Barrington Municipal Exhibition Committee Jody Crook