2020 Municipal Elections

Every four (4) years the Municipality of Barrington conducts Municipal and School Board Elections, along with Special Elections if an elected position needs to be filled between elections.

In the Municipal Election held on October 17, 2020 voters in the Municipality of Barrington elected one Councillor from each of five (5) districts.

The election for five (5) Councillors is carried out under the Provincial Municipal Elections Act (MEA) (link to MEA).

During the Municipal Election the Municipality of Barrington also carries out elections for School Board members under the Nova Scotia Education Act (link to Education Act).

Local government matters. When more Nova Scotians participate in local government, better decisions are made. This directly affects our quality of life.

Nova Scotia's municipal elections are on October 15th. Will you vote?

For more information on Voting in Municipal Elections and becoming involved in the next election, visit the website.